Twine might not be web 3.0, after all.

After testing Twine for several months, and probably due to this inner maverick -not cranky- surge, I’ve come to conclude Twine isn’t so web 3.0, whatever web 3.0 is. And yet, whatever web 3.0 is, I think web 3.0 should be about getting rid of infoxication 2.0, about helping us find and isolate individual items rather than compile (our search hits), about deleting duplicated items…

I’m following dozens of Twines, I’ve created quite a few too, and I’m starting to feel dizzy: Twine won’t let me adjust and filter the twines, I’m getting duplicated content (because we can add the same piece of content to different twines), the system is not as intelligent to do that filtering for me. If you post a bookmark that is already in Twine you get duplicated items, even if you post to the same Twine.

[<apologies> and if Twine allows me to solve that, show me how and where exactly because I might be too dumb to find that option </apologies>]

I’d like to have, for instance, all that related to tag “education + cloud computing” in a single twine, feeding automatically and without my intervention from other twines and connections posting stuff on “education + cloud computing”, getting rid of duplicated content…just like I can do with Yahoo! Pipes...wouldn’t it be great to come up with an application like Yahoo! Pipes + social Twine (but more user-friendly)? That would be closer to web 3.0 or you name it.

How come is all semantic and searchable and stuff when I’m swamped by duplicated content in every single Twine digest/feed I get?

The web is unstructured data (and as Tim Berners-Lee said at Web 3.0 Conference, most of those unstructured data are people’s assertions and opinions)…and semantic web should be able to discover meaning from that unstructured data. Twine is not doing that either. Twine works well when the url you’re adding, for example, has a structured data behind (proper summary, relevant tags, etc) but when the url doesn’t have that, Twine won’t make it for you.

Not to mention Twine’s site and how odd the process of deleting twines is, among other usability shortcomings.

And yet, human nature is optimistic -at least mine-, could Twine’s search and relational database technology wind up as a real 3.0 semantic FINDER? So far, it’s a social content compiler. Nice, but when it comes to grasping dozens of Twines, I’m afraid you need something else. I’ll keep on using Twine to see if my wish comes true or till I get too much disappointed or pessimistic (or just swept away).

  • Filtering twines feeds.
  • Eliminating duplicated content -automatically-.
  • When you start a twine on a given topic the system should tell you about other existing twines on the topic.
  • Piping and merging twines.

Twine: a little less text, a little more visualization:

  • Visualization of related twines network.
  • Visualization of twine members’ connections.
  • You get to a twine: sleek and clean visual organization of stuff: a globe for urls, a piece of paper for files, a screen for videos, and so on so forth.

Si no sabes lo que es Twine, un excelente post del Caparazón.


-Semantic or contextual web?

Or maybe it’s time for vertical | specialized search engines such as Truevert…? (so every single cycle is repeated again and again: advent of horizontal and eclectic apps>early adoption>disappointment and/or infoxication>advent of vertical and specialized apps, just like happened to social networks).