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-Aquí os traemos hoy a SEVAQ+ , ... que como dicen en
"partners chose Online Educa Berlin (30th Nov – 2nd Dec 2011)
for the public launch of the third and final version of their online
tool for the shared evaluation of quality in technology enhanced
learning. This major international conference, which attracts over 2000
delegates from more than 100 countries, was selected as the perfect
setting for maximum impact. Deborah Arnold, coordinator of the SEVAQ+
project, also gave a specific presentation at Online Educa, introducing
the tool, scenarios of use and policy recommendations developed by a
group of experts."

Aquí os traemos una recopilación de apuntes de su web:

En su web nos cuentan ..The story of SEVAQ

Quality assurance (QA) is a key priority at EU level, and a major
focus of the Leonardo da Vinci subprogramme. In the context of the
Bologna process and due to the Copenhagen Declaration QA has an
envolving place in HE and VET. Self-evaluation is part of the internal
quality assurance, the process of reviewing the quality of one's own
performance and provision. According to the European Foundation for
Quality Management (EFQM) definition, self-evaluation or self-assessment
refers to a comprehensive, systematic and regular review of an
organization's activities and results referenced against the EFQM model.
The self-assessment process allows the organization to discern clearly
its strengths and areas in which improvements can be made and culminates
in planned improvement actions which are then monitored for progress.
sevaq_radar2.pngSEVAQ is a self-evaluation tool
of Quality in e-learning in VET and HE. The tool offers both a core of
questions and customised evaluation possibilities. Evaluation results
are available in real time and in a variety of forms, from radar graphs
giving an instant picture to raw data for importing into other
The tool was developed in a pilot Leonardo Da Vinci Project
(2005-2007) in which 9 European partners merged the Kirkpatrick
evaluation approach and the quality model of EFQM to produce and
implement a multifunctional dynamic tool in 7 languages for the easy
generation of self-evaluation questionnaires to gather high-quality
feedback from learners.
The partnership of this pilot project were: European Federation for Open & Distance Learning - EFODL (Coordinator); Belgian Network for Open & Distance Learning (BE-ODL); The British Institute for Learning & Development (BILD); Norwegian Association for Distance & Flexible Education (NADE); VIDEOSCOP, Université Nancy 2; cesi iberia, S.A; Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ); Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry, LE PREAU, Center for e-learning; Vytautas Magnus University (VMU); Hasselt University and


aims to engage in wide-reaching dissemination and exploitation of the
results of a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project (2005-2007): the SEVAQ tool
and concept for the Self-Evaluation of Quality in eLearning.
Technology-enhanced learning is developing in diverse forms in Higher
Education (HE) and Vocational Educational Training (VET) across Europe,
reflecting the complex interrelation between cultures and education. As
Ehlers states in the SEVAQ handbook: “…overarching approaches and
strategies are needed in order to develop quality in a holistic way,
taking into account organisational contexts and stakeholders in a
participatory way.” The original SEVAQ project merged two widely
recognised evaluation and quality approaches – the Kirkpatrick and
European Foundation for Quality Management models - to produce a
dynamic, multilingual tool for the generation of learner-centred
self-evaluation questionnaires. (...)
Qué es... e idiomas en los que esta disponible?
this is the SEVAQ+ project wiki. If you want access to the SEVAQ+ tool itself, please follow this link:

Direct access to the SEVAQ+ tool
SEVAQ+ v3.0 is now available in 6 languages!
English, French, Italian, German, Lithuanian and Polish

Discover the brand new SEVAQ+ v3.0 and scenarios for shared evaluation of quality
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you’re implementing eLearning and ICT in Higher Education or Vocational
Education and Training, then we’re sure you’ll agree that ensuring
quality is a major priority! SEVAQ+ is a European-wide initiative for
the Self-evaluation of quality in technology-enhanced learning, based on
an innovative combination of the Kirkpatrick evaluation model for
learning and the EFQM excellence model. SEVAQ+ enables you to engage in a
360° analysis of feedback from the major stakeholders involved in
technology-enhanced learning systems and:
• pinpoint areas for improvement,
• track progress from one semester or year to the next,
• benchmark your teaching and training against other institutions.
Learn more about the SEVAQ+ team, the project’s background, and get involved by participating in our online communities or joining one of our webinars!
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SEVAQ+ will produce the following public results, which will be made available periodically throughout the project:
The multilingual extended SEVAQ+ tool for the self-evaluation of quality in technology-enhanceblumen.jpgd learning, for Higher Education and Vocational Education & Training.
The SEVAQ+ handbook, bringing together the
theoretical background to the SEVAQ+ concept, practical recommendations
for implementation and the specific technical requirements.
A white paper on validation and certification issues.
SEVAQ+ will also be running and participating in a series of events,
such as presentations and workshops at conferences, seminars in each of
the partner countries, ‘meet the expert’ and ‘practice exchange’
webinars, a special stakeholder reception in Valencia at the EDEN 2010
conference, a workshop at the EFQUEL 2011 summer school and a final
presentation for EU officials and decision makers in Brussels.
For more information about these, please see our EVENTS PAGES

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