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Pearson OpenClass .. Google and Pearson and Free!!! API

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Bueno pues hoy, que hacía mucho que no tratábamos temas de LMS, plataformas, y otras hierbas d control... os traemos, por fin, la plataforma openclass de Pearson... google integración? ... ya lo decíamosss hace muuucho tiempooooo .... en esta serie sobre imperialism Google imperialismo Google.. así que aquí tenéis, no sabemos si integrada o ... en pruebas, o ... vete tu a saber !! si seguimos en la guerra de los contenidos ...? .. no sé...
Hacía tiempo que las editoriales y las empresas van al asalto de las Universidades ... sólo les falta, y parece q queda poco saltarse a esas instituciones con más de 500 años, en la época de la aceleración permanente tan dinosaurios... , pa q pagarles .. xq no montar sus propias universidades dando CERTIFICACIONES oficiales... y así no tener q pagar costosas...pero eso es harina de otra costal...

En todo caso, os traemos a una Google Apps MarketPlace ... OpenClass by Pearson Education

OpenClass is a new kind of learning environment that goes beyond the LMS, stimulating social learning and the free exchange of content. It’s open to everyone, easy to use, and completely free.

  • For US higher education institutions & professors
  • Social learning environment promotes collaboration
  • No licensing, hardware or hosting costs

OpenClass integrates seamlessly with Google Apps for Education, enabling easy setup and single sign-on and includes tools that support the automatic import of content from external sources. Users can launch OpenClass directly from within their Google Apps experience and access their Google applications through OpenClass.

Currently optimized for US Higher Ed institutions.

• Collaborative spaces for students to interact with coursework
• Ability to create and edit course content directly from within the platform
• Deep integration to Gmail, Google Docs and Calendar

Just the beginning
Out of the box, OpenClass has all the LMS functionality needed to manage courses. But that’s just the beginning. OpenClass actually advances education by leveraging modern social technology to encourage collaboration and communication for students, faculty, institutions, and administrators around the world.

Technical information and product support at


Version Beta 1.0
Data access requirements
  • Calendar (Read/Write)
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Email, new messages (Read o...
  • User Provisioning (Read only)

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En fin, la LMSmización no descansa... aun cuando ya esté en la nube ...

(leer más...)

Fuente: [google Apps Marketplace]

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