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Serverless and mailless


Yesterday (Sunday, 31/08/09) I far from any computer-like object for most of the day. When I got back home, of course, I promptly opened my laptop to check my mail — who knows what destiny might have for me in a 24 hour period? Maybe I won yet another fortune I have to cash in Nigeria? Maybe there is (GASP!) a new RC bug on one of my packages?

And here I go again: MiniDebConf Central America RFC

Some people never learn to stay out of trouble. Not only that, some people seem to have a desire to run into trouble at every possible ocassion.

It appears I am one of such people.

I won't rewrite this whole proposal in English — Its focus is after all a Spanish-speaking community. Anyway, the Central American Free Software-related lists have been reshuffled/resetup, and I cannot yet find the public archives (which will exist, I am sure).

Otvaranje očiju uz dobru kavicu

Safir, Adnan: If you want to push the Bosnian bid, please mention the pleasure it is to drink a good cup of good coffee in the morning. And Bosnian coffee really qualifies as good coffee!

Fino mljevena Jubilarna kava dobivena je izhorom najkvalitetnijih vrsta sirove kave kao rezultat dugogodišnjeg iskustva tvornice Franck.

Hvala ti, brate!

Back home, keys signed and all

After leaving DebConf on the much uncomfortable 06:45 train last Friday (uncomfortable not because of the seats but because of the timing — It basically meant not sleeping at all in order to spend a last full night of socialization+Mao), I stopped by two dear friends' houses near Madrid (Adriano+Nuria at Alcobendas, María+Borja at Alovera) and came back to Mexico. I must say I was... Really, really, really tired most of the time. On Friday, I met my friends slightly past 5PM, and all the time in between was spent walking to get some things done in Madrid.

For those who care about cheap, veggie-friendly, abundant food in Madrid

So, the 6:45 train group managed to leave DebConf in time and arrive to Madrid, very badly slept, but anyway... I missed some of them who I had not yet said goodbye to. Well, 100% coverage is a theoretical maximum after all! Lucas got to see me quite distressed, moneyless and unable to lodge my bulky 30Kg suitcase (including bike and wine).

About to leave Cáceres


This has been a great two weeks. DebCamp was -of course- followed by DebConf. My blog postings were kept silent to an absolute minimum, just as my measurable productivity. Of course, this does not mean I have been scratching my belly or anything. Orga team work is HARD and tiring. But it is great fun. And sitting at the front desk means you get to interact with everybody. For $DEITY's sake, it is the best way to get to know people,

Anyway... The last session of Mao is about to start. I am closing the computer. GREAT TIME!

Smelling dead

DebConf9. Assassins. Nomeata has been killed. So have I. Now, the rules say the sock that kills you should be clean, and by that, I understand it should be not smelly — I guess I could have complained that I was killed in the presence of very smelly cheese. Does that still count?

The world is not enough

As many of you are aware, I am the owner of the universe. Let me correct, the proud owner of the universe. This little bugger has got me a good time in Nicaragua and, although it was a bit sick during the first couple of days, I do expect to use it several times in Cáceres. It is always good to have a bike - a reason _and_ a way to move, faster than walking, getting good views and, basically, drawing bystanders' attention.

But today, thanks to Axel, a permanent impression has entered my mind.

Hyperdimensional vortexes found at Cáceres

Hyperdimensional vortexes found at Cáceres

Reading from the first entry down (and it should be basically obvious):

Encodings, fonts, PDF and pain

I volunteered to work on producing the DebConf nametags, and worked on it closely with César (cek) for most of the afternoon. The process clearly shows no database is comprehensive enough to base DebConf on it - All in all, we managed a very good advance percentage, integrating the data on who sleeps where, how each person eats, and so on. And slightly before lunchtime, we had the final listing. Joy!


My flight was scheduled to leave at 18:35 UTC-5 from Mexico. It left around 20:30. I took my friend Toño Malpica's newest book, Siete Esqueletos Decapitados, to have a nice reading for the road.

I was worried I would miss my 17:30 bus from Madrid to Cáceres, but I had plenty of time, and everything turned out just fine.

Existential questions for a takeaway restaurant

Today, I will eat at my office — It's the easiest, and as I arrived at ~11:30 and am leaving at ~18:30, I don't want to invest ~1hr in getting a proper meal, which is at ~3Km from here (joys of working in a very large university, joys of coming to work during the vacational period).

Golden sleeping beauty

Golden sleeping beauty


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