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Lovin' it in Afghanistan

Lovin' it in Afghanistan

Bitácora de la junta edusolera del pasado jueves (15/oct/2009)

Lo pongo acá para que todos lo vean y para hacerle un poco de ruido — Socializar es bueno ;-) Me comenta Pooka que por alguna razón se le perdió la bitácora oficial que hace (o debería hacer) nuestro querido bot de la reunión de organización que tuvimos el jueves pasado. Bueno, yo guardo bitácora de todo lo que digo y escucho, así que ahí les va.

How can we advance without a tax increase?

There has been a lot of buzz recently in Mexico after a tax increase that has been announced for next year. The two main points I have seen criticized are:

Among the reasons that brought me to Debian...

Every now and then, people ask me why Debian? Why, among so many projects to choose from, I first liked, then got into, and finally I got committed into Debian, and not anything else?

Of course, one of the main points —back in 2000-2001 when I started using it, and still to this very day— is a strong identification with the ideological side. Yes, I am a strong Free Software believer, and Debian is what best suites my ideology.

Getting closer to the fifth EDUSOL Encounter

This is the fifth year we hold an EDUSOL, and we are closing in on it. EDUSOL is an online encounter whose topics are Education and Free Software — Actually, this year we are widening our scope, and we will include Free Culture as well as a base area.

Linux ranks high on stability — One more time

Linux ranks high on stability — One more time

Even at the most physical level. This is a cup that won't topple over when you accidentally kick the desk! Gunnar's Viking of Approval certifies it.

Strange scanning on my server?

Humm... Has anybody else seen a pattern like this?

Honduras: .hn NIC attacked/intervened by the de-facto government authorities

I was requested to forward this information to as wide an audience as possible.

Possibly two months ago the legality/legitimacy of the actions carried out by the Hondurean armed forces, which captured a democratically elected president and without a judicial order or trial process forced him out of the country, starting a de-facto government, was something questionable. Each day, however, it becomes clearer and clearer the Hondureans are suffering a represive military-backed system which cannot be expected to fulfill as a trustable entity to conduct fair, credible elections.

Toast to Turing

I was pointed to this Toast to Turing, by Matt Harvey. Very much worth sharing.

My inner Neo-Zealanders' fallacies


I just woke up. I was having a funny and surprisingly not-abnormal dream. You know, the few occasions where I remember my dreams, I practically always find a really impossible situation going on. Not this time, and that was the first thing that struck my mind.

Google having gender issues related to old-agers?

I am updating an old package's packaging style to take advantage of the new DebHelper 7 goodities. So far, I have been quite successful, but I hit a problem… And before bugging on IRC, I decided to check with Joey Hess' presentation at DebConf9, Not your grandpa's debhelper.

Of course, not remembering the URL, it was the most natural thing to ask Google:

Did you mean... Not your grandma's Debhelper‽ WTF!


Drupal 6 Tour Centroamerica — Now in Mexico!

I met my friend Josef Daberning, who did his Austrian Social Service working with Drupal at the Casa de los Tres Mundos NGO, in Granada, Nicaragua, at the Central American Free Software Encounter, last May. He told me that, when going back to Austria, he would spend some days in Mexico, and wanted to give a workshop on Drupal.

Method for locating yourself in space and in time

Today I had a nice and productive day, code-wise. Maybe that's a side effect from being unable to lose my time following E-mail?
Anyway, checking my code with git citool previous to today's git commit, I came accross this method. I didn't even pay attention to it while writing. But it did make me laugh in semi-awe thinking about the great implications it might have. The method signature:


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