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Planned obsolescence and propietary gear - Dear lazyweb, a sports tracking app for a N95 phone?


I got my current phone (a Nokia N95) back in January 2008. It was the first phone I ever paid for, and I don't expect that to change - The feature set I need from a phone is extremely basic, but I wanted to have a GPS unit on me, without needing to plan for it beforehand. As I recently blogged, I just got over the 5000Km mark (5269 as of last Friday), with almost daily usage since I registered.

A couple of days ago (although please note I don't log in often to the web page, I just upload my , I was greeted by this gem:

Pleasant perception changes

My day started late, although I didn't scratch the plan: Enjoy 40Km cycling, as –as every last Sunday of the month– we have the delicious Ciclotón — 32Km, plus ~10km from and to my house.

However, I have been downish lately, and during the afternoon (which I spent doing some home maintenance, as I usually do on weekends), I felt this downness grow somewhat. Nothing terrible, just I guess the processes that I have to live through.

Then, after ~1hr reading a somewhat tough book, I closed it thinking, "this was a good day". And surprised myself with the reflection.

e-voting seminar, Mexico City, tomorrow

If anybody is interested or can attend: Tomorrow and the day after (Wednesday and Thursday 12-13/05/2010) FLACSO (a leading Social Sciences faculty spanning countries all over Latin America) and IFE (Mexico's federal electoral authority) are presenting a seminar on e-voting: Electronic vote experiences in Mexico and around the world.

You will not be renumbered

I woke up with a loud BZZZT — It happens every couple of years. The electric transformer for the circuit where my house is located, at the Northern edge of Ciudad Universitaria, decided to die (or at least, to take a break… literally).

5000 Km

In an amazing but meaningless feat of synchronicity, Toxicore's post led me to check how much distance have I done while excercising – I have mainly done this cycling, although some running also comes into play. Turns out I was just about to break the same mark he did. From my Nokia Sportstracker records:

Probability, mindlessness and periodicity

I bought my current cell phone in mid January 2008, which means I have had it for ~830 days.

I tend not to lose sight of the few things I keep on me at all times - Keys, wallet and cell phone. In this 830 day period, I doubt I have forgotten my phone for more than three days. Ok, lets just add some extra five days, for times I have travelled without the phone charger, resulting in me not having a phone available. So, eight days out of 830 gives us that the probability for me accidentally not having access to my phone for a whole day is close to 0.01, or 1% ⇒ P(stupid) ≅ 0.01.

A FLISOL critic

Once again, I was invited by several different groups to be present at FLISOL, a quite interesting phenomenon: FLISOL (Latin-american Free Software Installation Festival) is s very large-scale, very loosely coordinated thing put together for five years already in over 200 cities in basically every Latin American country. Go to the FLISOL page, it is quite interesting to try to understand it!