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Politicians time once again

It is time for stupid, empty politicians slogans once again in my dear country. And, as always, while we had lively, controversial presidential elections three years ago (and I won't rant this time on why so many Mexicans still believe the current president can only be called a de facto president), the mid-term elections... Fail to get any attention and cause only bored reactions.

I ❤ D.F.

I ❤ D.F.

...Just going out of almost two weeks of reclusion due to the porcine^W human^W atypical^W new-and-yet-unnamed AH1N1 influenza. The streets are still mostly deserted, but at least we are allowed back into our workplaces.

Damn you pigopolists! (or whatever)

We have had a quite strange couple of days...

Everything was smooth as usual on Thursday. As I posted here, I cycled to Iztacala to give a talk and back, and basically had a good time. We had heard news some days earlier on the radio that the usual seasonal flu was still present by mid-April, while usually it disappeared by early March... But nothing more.

Some prefer marathoning... I prefer going to my old workplace

I was invited to talk about Free Software at yesterday's FLISOL. Yesterday? Aren't FLISOLs organized on Saturday? Well, not this one, for various reasons which I won't quote here. And no, I am not a supporter of the installfests idea, but I went gladly to talk about what is Free Software all about - The philosophy behind Free Software. Besides, the talk was at FES Iztacala, where I worked for four happy years, 1999-2003.

Rodrigo denying evasions and religion

Umh, is today the quote your neighbour day? No? Thought so... Still, for the second time in a couple of minutes, I'm quoting/translating here. This time, I'm quoting a short text posted by fellow Mexican Debian guy Rodrigo Gallardo: Deceptions (hmm... Not in the let you down sense, but in the deceiving sense. Sometimes it is hard to translate a single word without twisting it around). My translation is far from perfect - Read it in Spanish, you will enjoy it more.

Rodrigo says:

The streets and the numbers of Cuernavaca

I usually use this blog to post about stuff I have written or that is somehow related to my work / professional life. This time, however, I'll just use it to share with you a short text my father published in the column he writes in the La Unión de Morelos newspaper, Academia de Ciencias de Morelos: La Ciencia, desde Morelos para el mundo.